​​It is often the last key on the ring which opens the door  - Proverb

I have exited a full time position in the world of water and water rights in the mountains of Colorado and opened a business called Kustem Creations LLC. The name is an acronym for the animals I have shared my life with. Writing in general, story writing and poetry writing were jobs that suited my imagination. I could create fiction, however, lack of money dictated my decision.  I enjoyed accounting and computers so the practical choice was to  begin a career in business. During those intensive years, I spent nights and weekends creating short stories, two bad novels, and poetry. I submitted my work to magazines and contests, and attended writing seminars. I am not an expert writer, but a trait that keeps me on track? I sit my body in a chair, in front of the computer, and I write for a specified amount of time. During my transition from the business world, I made a decision to self-publish. My greatest fear? I will become the laughing stock of my immigrant family. Slovaks don't fail, they just work harder than most. Mornings, I journal by hand in lined spiral notebooks.  A typical practice is three pages. The buzz on social media today is about selling a platform that others will follow. My platform? I write. I make up fiction stories, try poetry, work on my memoir, take photos and study digital art. On line classes for  social media, and learning to market and sell are a necessity. My days are very busy, no time to whine. Deep inside, I trust that the two lousy novels in my filing cabinet, could redeem themselves with hard edit. I believe in both kismet, and destiny, while tenacity is my fall back. If I hadn't left Ohio and family to live in the ski areas of the Rocky Mountains? I would never have met my husband, as I peddled my bike uphill in a spring snow squall. Odds might not be your answer, but from my experience, miracles exist.

​​"Dare To Fail"  Robert Craig

  Keystone Center Founder  1925 to 2015

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

​- Anais Nin - 

Writing Kustem Creations Barbara Mertus