Francie's Cabin

 Summit County Colorado

A percentage of all sales will go to The Francie's Cabin Endowment Fund - This cabin was built in the memory of Francie Lockwood Bailey. Who died in the 1989 Iowa Plane Crash.

Francie's cabin is located in the White River National Forest - It was built by Summit Huts Association in 1994 at an elevation of 11,360 ft.  It is a place where people can hike to in the summer and ski to in the winter. This cabin is a retreat to get away from the continual pressure of life. Barbara believes that if you can spend time in nature it heals your body, mind and soul.  Barbara was on the Board of Summit Huts and her husband Dan has been a Hutmaster for over 24 years. He skies into this cabin, and others owned by Summit Huts to perform maintenance tasks. There are eight Hutmaster's who help co-ordinate this effort.