Barbara lives in Keystone, Colorado with her husband Dan and their 26 year old black cat Midnight. Born in Lakewood, Ohio, Barbara has been a writer and a poet her entire life. Her poetry and short stories have won awards and she has been published in a variety of different venues.

There are two connected blogs on this website.  In Barbara's poetry blog she integrates her passion for poetry, photography and digital media. In her writing blog she investigates her immigrant history. She was born in the United States, with a 100% Slovak heritage, she writes about leaving the business world, and life in 'Ski Country' Colorado. Barbara's short story book, Grit and Distraction will be available on Kindle in September 2017, with a paperback book to follow. A synopsis of this book is located under the Books Tab in this website. Her Memoir titled Zbohom A Pis - Volume 1 - Poor Rich Aunt Barby  is still in the editing process. 

​Her home is located at 9,400 feet where there are no high altitude anything instructions. She is an avid telemark skier, hiker, bike rider and adventure traveler. To balance the physical sports she also practices yoga and meditation. Barbara trusts the co-creative process that exists in nature and likes to hike alone. She knows that mathematics govern the life process, but like Einstein she questions what math does not answer.​​

 Write her,  if you have questions.  

Self Employed 

Kustem Creations - Owner

2013 - Currently

Creative Writer  - Digital Photography -  Poetry - Memoir - Short Stories - Fiction 

Loving my new career!


Education - Regis University, Denver Colorado - Bachelor of Science Accounting - Minor Business Law - Graduated Cum Laude 1987

Executive Director-Administrator
Consulting Contract Snake River Water District
2003 – 2013 (10 years)Keystone, Colorado

Executive Director/Administrator of the Snake River Water District a quasi municipality functioning as a Special District under Title 32 laws of the State of Colorado. The District is located in the Blue River watershed near the continental divide in Keystone, Colorado.

Responsible for budgeting,financial preparation and review. Maintained and invested all cash and equivilents. Reviewed plans and specifications for new development. Retained specialized Engineers on large commercial projects for the District when necessary. Responsible for coordinating construction projects with developers. Instituted and finalized a twenty year engineering modeling for future capital construction by the District.​

Completed an analysis of irrigated areas in the District for calculations of current and future water rights requirements which utilized GIS Mapping. GIS data included property parcels, water lines, hydrants, cross connections, vegetation and pressure zones.​Worked with the District water rights attorney on the acquisition of additional water rights. 

Finance Manager
Snake River Water District
1983 - 2003

Financial Manager for the Snake River Water District before assuming the Executive Director Position of the SRWD. Performed all financial management for the District. Duties included financial statement preparation each month and budget analysis. This position required Internal control review on all financial matters. This was a permanent part time position and during this period I completed consulting contracts with clients underneath my business DorRil Enterprises.

Financial Controller
Wend Colorado Partnership
1987 – 2000 (13 years)Dillon, Colorado

Financial Controller for five Wendy's Restaurants located in
Silverthorne, Co - Glenwood Springs, CO - Vail, CO - Basalt, C0 and Golden, Co.

Prepared financial statements on a monthly basis. Designed budgets for all store locations on Excel and performed monthly cash analysis on budget discrepancies. Managed all comptroller oversights on Assets/Liabilities/ Income/Expense for the operations of the restaurants. Managed five employees who performed basic bookkeeping functions of the business, this included payroll for all of the Wendy's locations. Wend Colorado ultimately transitioned into a client of DorRil Enterprises, my business.  Reviewed all financial data prepared by the internal accountants each month and maintained internal control on cash.


Twenty Six Years Old

Knotsberry Farm

Seven Years Old 

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A Personal Resume