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  May 2019

Grit and Distraction  My first fiction book  of short stories. There will be others.

Mortal Remains  Not the actual title, but  the cover is in design stage. This poetry book will be on the market winter of 2019 -2020

Poor Rich Aunt Barby is the first book in my Memoir writings titled, ZBohom A Pis. There will be three separate books. All of them are in the edit stage. The Title is Translated from Slovak as - Go With God and Write.

Grit and Distraction -  Four Short Stories

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Grit and Distraction - Stories


Meet Rachel, Yindi, Inka, and more -  From the Outback in Australia to Oakland, CA., a cast of characters investigate their personal cultures.  Do they question quantum physics,  the beat of the Didgeridoo, or a modus operandi driven by greed and power. Don't we all want to find our personal  philosophers' stone? This story may help accentuate your search for meaning in life.


Two old codgers hang out in a cabin up Goldflake Draw, high in the Rockies of Colorado. Just before a winter blizzard arrives,  a grey jay bird moves in with them, while the snow buries their dwelling.  Does that shyster elixir of love,  still exist inside bodies comprised of old bones and damaged memories. If we live long enough, each of us will have to face this question.


There is a legend about ​Timur the Lame, a 14th century Turko-Mongol military leader. In this story add  two main characters; poetry, romance, sex and the saxophone.  Is it possible for a contemporary woman to avert disaster if she studies the  verse of  Tolstoy's novel,  Anna Karenina? Can the Mongol hordes of history, or  the elusive dingo, award lovers a chance to reconcile. Maybe we are all Mongols in disguise. 


A psychological thriller with strong narrative drive. A mother's suspicion, along with a hard drawn chalk mark on the father's office wall, institutes family hostility. Their daughter endures fable and mockery between her parents.  Was there really an enigmatic woman in a monastery he visited, on a long ago trek inside Nepal?