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  October 2018

Grit and Distraction is Volume One in my Short Story writing series.

Mortal Remains  My poetry book will be on the market winter of 2018 -2019

Poor Rich Aunt Barby is Volume One in my Memoir writing series titled, ZBohom A Pis.  My memoir is still in the edit stage. The Title is Translated from Slovak as - Go With God and Write.


Worlds Within Words

Grit and Distraction - Short Stories -Volume One

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Meet Rachel, Yindi, Inka, and more - Beyond a mystery. From the Outback in Australia to Oakland, CA. A cast of characters search their diverse heritages, questioning the transcendent nature of Djang. Is it masked inside the Didgeridoo as a subconscious fear of failure, love, music or  perhaps even sex?  Who else is is on a quest to  understand its potential? A fast moving adventure.


Twink and Mustard are old codgers. They hang out in a cabin up Goldflake Draw, high in the Rockies of Colorado, each have a personal quest. A grey jay bird moves in with them, just before a snowstorm buries their dwelling. Psychological bantering, regrets and unrequited love, highlight this tale. 


​It gets complicated between Scarlett, Rowan and her Father. He studied the legend of Timur the Lame, a 14th century Turko-Mongol military leader. Rowan plays the sax and wants Scarlett back in his bed. A rouge Dingo arrives at Scarlett's cabin, and trouble ensues.


This story takes place on the island of Texal, north of Amsterdam. A psychological thriller, written with strong narrative drive. The daughter tries to explore her Mother's suspicion of a woman in Nepal. Her Father draws a chalk mark down the middle of his office wall, without any explanation. The puzzle compounds.