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  November 2018



Meet Rachel, Yindi, Inka, and more - Beyond a mystery. From the Outback in Australia to Oakland, CA. A cast of characters search their diverse heritages, questioning the transcendent nature of Djang. Is it masked inside the Didgeridoo as a subconscious fear of failure, love, music or  perhaps even sex?  Who else is is on a quest to  understand its potential? A fast moving adventure.


Twink and Mustard are old codgers. They hang out in a cabin up Goldflake Draw, high in the Rockies of Colorado, each have a personal quest. A grey jay bird moves in with them, just before a snowstorm buries their dwelling. Psychological bantering, regrets and unrequited love, highlight this tale. 


​It gets complicated between Scarlett, Rowan and her Father. He studied the legend of Timur the Lame, a 14th century Turko-Mongol military leader. Rowan plays the sax and wants Scarlett back in his bed. A rouge Dingo arrives at Scarlett's cabin, and trouble ensues.


This story takes place on the island of Texal, north of Amsterdam. A psychological thriller, written with strong narrative drive. The daughter tries to explore her Mother's suspicion of a woman in Nepal. Her Father draws a chalk mark down the middle of his office wall, without any explanation. The puzzle compounds.

Grit and Distraction is Volume One in my Short Story writing series.

Mortal Remains  My poetry book will be on the market winter of 2018 -2019

Poor Rich Aunt Barby is Volume One in my Memoir writing series titled, ZBohom A Pis.  My memoir is still in the edit stage. The Title is Translated from Slovak as - Go With God and Write.


Worlds Within Words

Grit and Distraction - Short Stories -Volume One

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